About Us

Elegant Monogramming was Born...

It all started as a hobby...a little sewing on the side. (or so I thought) Wow did it grow!!! Let me tell you how Elegant Monogramming was born:

I had been running childcare for about 17 years and I was happy with my job. I girls cowprint dress on gold wallloved the kids...they were what kept me going :) I started making little dresses for the girls. One day, someone said, "you should sell these." And I thought to myself, "why not?"So I began selling them on an e-commerce website. Shortly thereafter, I realized the high demand for monogramming the dresses. One thing led to another and I had an embroidery machine sitting in front of me. That was definitely a learning curve!!

I soon realized how many doors that opened up... so many things that can be embroidered, monogrammed, & decorated!!

I began making wedding handkerchiefs.
wedding handkerchief with pearls on ivory plateThese were 
great gifts for the bride & groom to give to their family/friends. That was when I came up with the brand: Elegant Monogramming. We opened up in May 2012 and we're still here. Up until July 2015, we had our business in our garage, living room, dining room, & everywhere else, lol! Let's just say, it was truly an in-home business...

 We moved the business to a brick and mortar store in downtown Troutman, NC for almost 5 years. We sold a variety of merchandise while maintaining our online business. However, in the spring of 2020 as the pandemic was getting started, we closed our store and decided to focus on our online embroidery business. Now our businesses is back at home and going strong!